Artfully Learning Audio Series, Episode 12: Renaissance Community

A textile making workshop for Ancient Futures, an-going interdisciplinary collaboration by Victoria Manganiello and Nicole Yi Messier.

It is appropriate that this episode centers on the educational and creative potential of collaboration, because that’s how I met today’s guest, Victoria Manganiello. In 2015, Victoria and I were part of a curatorial collective called alt break along with our colleagues Audra Lambert and Kimi Kitada, where we organized exhibitions and public programming focusing on social and educational aspects of art. Victoria and I have kept in touch since then, and she recently invited me to collaborate on an artists’ sourced cookbook project she facilitates called, You Stir the Pot, which I wrote about in a prior post.

I am excited to present you with an inspiring conversation on Victoria’s multidisciplinary art that combines technology, engineering, craft and intersectional feminism (among many other elements); as well as her embrace of collaboration in both her roles as an artist and educator.

This episode is now available on the Artfully Learning YouTube channel (please be sure to subscribe so you get notified of future episodes!).

You can also listen to it below:

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