Artfully Learning is an experiential and critical cross-examination of the fine art world and the educational sphere. Through the lens of an art historian, curator and educator, I explore examples of contemporary artwork that have symbolic learning capabilities inside and outside the classroom in order to show how art-centered learning has enormous benefits for developing life-long learners.

These benefits, called “habits of mind,” are nicely described by Lincoln Center’s Capacities for Imaginative Learning program:

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 7.38.40 PM

These creative criteria are essential for developing an art education curriculum, but they are also evident in most works of contemporary art being made by artists across the globe. This blog will show ways we can relate to contemporary art using the tenets of educational theory and practice; and how art education helps us succeed in all aspects of everyday life.

Artfully Learning is written by Adam Zucker, a New York based artist, art historian, curator and educator.

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