Artfully Learning Into the Future

Like 2020 and 2021, 2022 was a tough year. Personal struggles with mental health have continued to impact my daily routine, which often makes writing blog posts and other materials an even greater challenge.

Still, I am proud to say I wrote over fifty blog posts and started an audio component called the Artfully Learning Audio Series. I also had an article published in an academic journal and completed a two-hundred page manuscript about art educational themes, which I hope/plan/will publish in 2023/24. I also began a Tumblr page to supplement the art educational content I write and speak about. I am hoping it becomes my “mood board” of sorts, which will inspire even more content going forward.

Another exciting milestone was that 2022 had the highest number of readers in the five years since I began this blog.

More BIG things are coming to Artfully Learning in 2023. That said, if you’re an artist interested in doing a behind the scenes feature of your work in progress (i.e. showing a particular skill, artistic process or concept), let’s talk!

And most importantly, I need your collaboration to do all of these great things! I appreciate you all taking the time to read my blog and listen to my audio series. If you can, please consider being an Artful Learner on my Patreon page, which will help me to cover the operating costs (and give myself a little writer’s fee!) for the evolution of the Artfully Learning platform. For just two dollars a month you can support the creation and sharing of arts and educational resources! If you’d like to make a one-time pledge of support, you can do so here.

May we all have a healthy, happy and artful year!



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