Artfully Learning Audio Series, Episode 9: Glorious Wounds

I was delighted to have the recent opportunity to speak with artist and educator Gabo Camnitzer about the past, present and future of artful pedagogy. Gabo and I spoke about his multidisciplinary art practice, which often analyzes pedagogical methodologies and systematic structures within contemporary classrooms and schools. Overall, Camnitzer’s artwork provides a profound assessment of ongoing ideological issues in education and culture that affect childhood social, emotional and cognitive development.

One example is his 2021 installation, Glorious Wound, which examines the use of technology and traditional materials in the classroom and their past and present ramifications on teaching and learning. In doing so, the work prompts critical thinking around the future of the classroom as an architectural, political and social space. While the artwork scrutinizes materials created for educational purposes, it also highlights the flexibility of educators in light of the challenges they face within the classroom.

This episode is now available on the Artfully Learning YouTube channel (please be sure to subscribe so you get notified of future episodes!).

You can also listen to it below:

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