Artfully Learning Audio Series, Episode 4: Intergenerational Museum Education

The fourth episode of the Artfully Learning audio series, Intergenerational Museum Education, is now available on the Artfully Learning YouTube channel (be sure to subscribe!). You can also listen to it below.

Although society typically assigns generational demarcations to certain content, visual art has the potential to be accessible to both younger and older demographics at once without diluting its aesthetic and contextual importance. This is in part, due to the diligence and ingenuity of museum educators who are working artists that are trained in supporting early childhood and adolescent learners. 

Museums like the Children’s Museum of Art in New York are examples of how institutions provide an ample space for work by established professional artists to coexist in an environment that is intended for kids. The intergenerational cohabitation of art made by adults and children has benefits that transcend and eschew age limits. 

Joining me in conversation is Seth Cameron. Seth is an artist and educator. He co-founded the artist collective Bruce High Quality Foundation and established the Bruce High Quality Foundation University, an unaccredited, free collaborative school that offered a cross-disciplinary approach to art-centered learning. In 2020, Seth became the executive director of the Children’s Museum of Art.

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